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Admissions Information

Undergraduate students enter the Viticulture and Enology major as freshmen or transfer students. Viticulture and Enology is part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).


For general admissions information and how to apply, visit the CALS First Year Applicants page.

External Transfers

Transfer students are expected to complete specific coursework prior to transferring.  For information on required coursework and admissions procedures, visit the CALS Transfer Applicants page.

Internal Transfers

Current Cornell students outside of CALS may apply as an internal transfer.  For eligibility and how to apply, visit the CALS Internal Transfer Applicants page.

Internal CALS Transfers

CALS students wishing to transfer to the viticulture and enology major should have completed at least one semester of introductory biology and chemistry (students entering as juniors should have two semesters of biology).  You must also have completed or be currently enrolled in VIEN 1104: Introduction to Wines and Vines.  Contact the undergraduate coordinator to discuss a change of major.