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Thomas Burr

Thomas Burr

Professor Emeritus

114 Barton Laboratory, NYSAES, Geneva
(315) 787-2312

I joined the faculty at Cornell in 1977 as Assistant Professor of Plant Pathologist. My time is spent leading a research program focused on bacterial-plant interactions.

Research Focus

Research focuses on how bacterial pathogens interact with plants and other bacteria. Emphasis is being placed on Agrobacterium vitis and Xylella fastidiosa. For Agrobacterium we are studying regulatory systems and structural genes that are associated with plant interactions including tumorigenesis, necrosis and ability to inhibit tumorigenesis. This includes a quorum-sensing and other regulatory systems. The understanding of such interactions will facilitate the development of novel disease controls.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Extension focus is on assisting grape growers in management of crown gall disease. This is being accomplished through the development of crown gall-free propagation material and through the use of biological control.

The extension focus of my program involves dissemination of information and doing translational research with growers. This generally involves assisting grape growers with problems associate with crown gall disease. This may include working with nursery owners for the production of clean material or working with grape growers to diagnose disease and to help develop management strategies.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications