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Issue 45, May 2021

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News from Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program, May 2021

A researcher demonstrates shoot wrapping in a vineyard.RESEARCH FOCUS

Alternative shoot tip management practices to reduce laterals and cluster compactness (PDF)

Mechanical hedging often results in lateral shoot growth and tight clusters. Shoot wrapping or shoot tucking can reduce lateral shoot growth and cluster compactness.

Grapes in a variety of shapes and sizes on a table.GRAPES 101

How many grapes are in a bottle of wine?

Chris Gerling revisits his previous article on "Conversion factors: from vineyard to bottle". It turns out it's more complicated.

Mari Rossi leans against a wine tank.STUDENT FOCUS

V&E undergraduate alumni reflect on their experience at Cornell

Since Cornell's undergraduate program started in 2008, its graduates have entered a variety of jobs. Seven alumni reflect on how their Cornell experience has shaped their careers.

Spotted Lanternfly - Lawrence Barringer PA Dept AgEXTENSION FOCUS

Spotted Lanternfly: It's time to be on the lookout!

Entomologists Brian Eshenaur and Greg Loeb talk about where spotted lanternfly was confirmed in 2020, and what to look for as you manage your vineyards in 2021.




NEWA migrates to updated web site
The Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) has released a new version called NEWA 3.0, which offers an improved, personalized interface to make it easier to access information for your vineyard. The video tutorial below describes how to access and use the grape berry moth prediction model in NEWA: NEWA Quickstart Guide: Grape berry moth from NEWA.