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Issue 41, May 2020

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News from Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program, May 2020

2019 Cost of Establishment bull coverRESEARCH FOCUS

Cost of Establishment and Production of vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York-2019

Associate professor Miguel Gomez and his graduate student Trent Davis have updated costs and returns for vinifera vineyard establishment for the first time since the last bulletin appeared in 2013. Production costs have increased faster than grape prices have increased.

1997 Cost of establishment coverRESEARCH FOCUS

How the "Cost of Establishment and Production of V. vinifera Grapes" has changed since 1997

Since Dr. Gerald White published the first version in 1997, six additional "Cost of Establishment" bulletins have tracked the economics of planting and growing  vinifera grapes.  This article reviews how costs and returns have changed over the past twenty-three years.


Five Questions for Lynn Sosnoskie

Lynn Sosnoskie is the new Assistant Professor of Weed Ecology and Management for Specialty Crops at Cornell Agritech, where she studies weeds in everything from cabbage to grapes. 

Picture of a zoom session for viticulture studentsSTUDENT FOCUS

Building Community in Light of the COVID-10 Pandemic 

Cornell's Viticulture and Enology program is working to maintain connection between students and faculty and bring new students to the program in the fall. 

plate with growing yeast cultureGRAPES 101

Stuck and Sluggish Fermentation: Causes & Preventative Steps

Cornell microbiologist Patrick Gibney summarizes what causes stuck fermentations, and how to diagnose and prevent them.




Five Reasons to Study Viticulture and Enology at Cornell University