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2020 Newsletters

Issue 40, March 2020

Research Focus:  The Chemistry of Canned Wines
Faculty FocusFive Questions for Katie Gold
Student Focus: V&E Majors Pioneer New Internship in Portugal
Grapes 101: Missing Parts: The cost of missing cordons, canes, and vines
Research In Plain English: X-ray phase contrast imaging of Vitis spp. buds shows freezing pattern and correlation between volume and cold hardiness

In the News:

Featured VideoExpansion of a freezing bud

Issue 41, May 2020

Research Focus

Faculty FocusFive Questions for Lynn Sosnoskie
Student Focus: Building Community in Light of a Pandemic 
Grapes 101: Stuck and Sluggish Fermentation: Causes & Preventative Steps
Research In Plain English:

In the News:

Featured VideoCornell AgriTech Grape Expertise in Western New York