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Issue 30, August 2017

​​Appellation Cornell 30

News from Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program
August 31, 2017


Defining and Developing Management Strategies for Sour Rot
A four-year study by Megan Hall and Wayne Wilcox shows that yeast, acetic acid bacteria, and Drosophila fruit flies are all essential for sour rot to develop and spread.


Five Questions for Jim Meyers
Jim Meyers, Ph.D. '11, brings diverse experience and new technologies as the recently-appointed viticulture specialist for the Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program. 


Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Celebrates 25 Years
The Lake Erie Regional Grape Program recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by hosting an open house, showcasing the current projects in research and extension.


Shaulis Summer Scholar Quinlan Corbett: From Acting to Science
Selected as the 2017 Shaulis Summer Scholarship recipient, Quinlan Corbett is working in the lab with virologist Marc Fuchs to determine whether wild grapevines harbor the grapevine red blotch-associated virus.


New York-Certified, Virus-Tested Vines are on Their Way to Growers
New York nurseries are planting new motherblocks with virus-free plant materials produced according to  the stringent “2010 Protocol”. NY Ag and Markets inspectors will test and certify these vines, giving growers access to New York-certified, virus-tested grapevines.

Efficient VineyardGRAPES 101

Understanding FSMA: Questions About New Food Safety Regulations
The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2011 represents the biggest change to food safety in decades. Chris Gerling explains how these changes will impact the grape and wine industry. 


Efficient VineyardEfficient Vineyard is a collaboration among researchers, extension officers, and grape growers using spatial sensing technology to measure commercial vineyards at a higher resolution.

Tim WeigleBRIEFS

Tim Weigle Receives "Excellence in IPM" Award
For nearly 30 years, Tim Weigle has contributed innovative, farmer-focused IPM research and outreach as Statewide Senior IPM Extension Associate.



New York Growers Vote on Research and Development Order.
Ballots for a referendum vote on the Research & Development Order have been sent out and are due Sept. 8.  The research order seeks to provide an assessment on all NY grapes to support industry-directed research under the direction of an industry-appointed board.  This NY Wine and Grape Foundation-produced video features growers and winemakers throughout NY talking about why they support the research order.  More information and regional videos from  the Lake Erie, Finger Lakes, and Long Island are available at :

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