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Issue 24, March 2016

​​Appellation Cornell 24

News from Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program
March 1, 2016

Research Focus


Grapevine Winter Survival and Prospects with Changing Climate
Jason Londo, research geneticist with the USDA-ARS Grape Genetics Research Unit, discusses how grapevine genetics interact with climate variation, and what this means for bud dormancy and cold hardiness with climate change.

Luke Haggerty

Five Questions for Luke Haggerty

Luke Haggerty, viticulture extension associate with the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, brings his experience with cold-hardy grapes from the Midwest to help grape growers in the Lake Erie region.

Student Focus


Winter Internships at Bin to Bottle, California
Cornell viticulture and enology students Patrick Commane '16 and Emily Oetting '16 spent their winter breaks at Bin to Bottle, a custom crush facility in Napa Valley.

Grapes 101GRAPES 101

Success: Beyond Tons and Gallons
Measuring financial health is important for sustaining your vineyard business.  A few simple indicators can help you understand its financial health, says Kevin Martin


March 3 - March 5: B.E.V. NY
Hosted by Cornell University, this year's Business. Enology. Viticulture. conference features the latest from New York's grape and wine industry.  

Upcoming EventsMarch 10-31 NCPN Webinar Series: Clean Plants for the Future
In this online seminar series, learn how the National Clean Plant Network, new testing protocols, and a revitalized New York certification program will reduce the risk of nursery-transmitted viral pathogens.

LERGPMarch 22: Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Conference
The 2016 LERGP Grower Conference at SUNY Fredonia will feature topics ranging from spring frost protection, new remote sensing technologies, and pesticide recertifcation credits.  For more information, see this newsletter.

Research in Plain English



Accompanying this newsletter's "Research Focus" article, Jason Londo discusses grapevine bud dormancy and cold hardiness in this video presentation.