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2016 Newsletters

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Issue 24, March 2016

Research Focus:  Grapevine Winter Survival and Prospects in an Age of Changing Climate (pdf)
Faculty Focus:  Five Questions for Luke Haggerty
Student Focus:  Winter Internships at Bin to Bottle, California
Grapes 101:  Success: Beyond Tons and Gallons
Upcoming Events:

Research in Plain English:  Development of a diagnostic test of Tumorigenic A. vitis in grapevines
In the News:

Featured Video:  Jason Londo "Bud dormancy and cold hardiness in wild and cultivated grapes"

Issue 25, May 2016

Research Focus:  Clean Plants for the Future of the Eastern Wine and Grape Industry (pdf)
Faculty Focus:  Five Questions for Marc Fuchs
Student Focus:  Way Beyond Wine: New Beer and Distillation Courses in CALS
Grapes 101:  This Article Contains Sulfites - Part II
Industry Focus:  New Scholarship Helps Students, Long Island Merlot Industry
Research in Plain English:  Grapevine red blotch-associated virus is present in free-living Vitis sp. proximal to cultivated grapevines
Research in Plain English:  Impact of undervine management on vine growth, yield, fruit composition, and wine sensory analyses of Cabernet franc
In the News:

Featured Video:  Marc Fuchs "Etiology of red blotch"

Issue 26, August 2016

Research Focus:  Sulfur Residues and Post-bottling Formation of Hydrogen Sulfide (pdf)
Research Focus: Comparing Red Wine Color in V. Vinifera and Hybrid Cultivars (pdf)
Faculty Focus:  Five Questions for Lance Cadle-Davidson
Student Focus:  A New Crop: Viticulture & Enology MPS Alumni Successes
Grapes 101:  How Grapevines Respond to Water Stress
Briefs:  Recap: Summer Scholars Program 2016 
Upcoming Events:  

Awards:  Gregory Loeb ESA Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management
In the News:

Featured Video:  Anna Katharine Mansfield "It's All About the Genes: Wine Color"

Issue 27, November 2016

Research Focus:  Botrytis Bunch Rot: A Disease Requiring Integrated Control (pdf)
Industry Forum:  Research and Development Program supports growth and sustainability of NY grape and wine industry
Faculty Focus:  Five Questions for Greg Loeb
Student Focus:  Students Explore VIEN with Capstone Projects
Briefs:  Geneva Project Explores Ways to Improve Northeast Grape Growing
Briefs:  NYWGF Hosts Labor Session with Growers and Winery Owners
Research in Plain English:  Under-vine Management Impacts Soil Properties and Leachate Composition in a NYS Vineyard
Research in Plain English:  Pathogenesis-related Proteins Limit the Retention of Condensed Tannin Additions to Red Wines
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Featured Video:  NY State Grape Programs