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2015 Newsletters

Issue 20, March 2015

RESEARCH FOCUS: VitisGen: Mapping the Way to the Next Generation of Grapes (pdf)
FACULTY FOCUS: 5 Questions for Dwayne Bershaw
STUDENT FOCUS: Student Teaching Winery Transforms Enology Instruction at Cornell
GRAPES 101: The Science Behind Cold-Stabilization and Tartrate Removal
BRIEFS: Announcing EnoCert: Cornell Enology Extension Lab's new certificate program
AWARDS: Cornell researchers win ASEV  "2015 Best Viticulture Paper of the Year"

RIPE: Convenient, inexpensive quantification of elemental sulfur
RIPE: Persistence of elemental sulfur spray residue on grapes during ripening and vinification
FEATURED VIDEO: Luke Haggerty on freeze damage

Issue 21, May 2015

RESEARCH FOCUS: 22 Years of Grape Variety Trials Shape Long Island Grape Industry (pdf)
UPCOMING EVENTS: Western New York Hosts International Conference
FACULTY FOCUS: Five Questions for Tim Martinson
STUDENT FOCUS: Seniors Demonstrate Learning Through Capstone Projects
GRAPES 101: I Have Galls in my Vineyard: Should I Call my Nursery?
EXTENSION FOCUS: Lake Erie Growers Respond to Markets and Freezing Temperatures

RIPE: Reducing the economic impact of Grapevine Leafroll Disease in California
FEATURED VIDEO: Industry Voices in Support of VitisGen

Issue 22, August 2015

RESEARCH FOCUS: New Insight on Hybrid Tannin Retention (pdf)
FACULTY FOCUS: Five Questions for Tim Weigle
STUDENT FOCUS: Geneva Summer Scholars a Pathway for Students
GRAPES 101: What are Those Fungicide-Group Numbers on Product Labels?
EXTENSION FOCUS: Second Compendium of Grape Diseases is New Resource for Growers


FEATURED VIDEO: How Petioles are Analyzed 

Issue 23, November 2015

RESEARCH FOCUS: "Free" Doesn't Always Mean Free - Rethinking SO2 Measurements (pdf)
FACULTY FOCUS: Five Questions for Bruce Reisch
STUDENT FOCUS: Grad Student Uses Diverse Experience to Assist Growers
GRAPES 101: Manipulating Cluster Size at Bloom
INDUSTRY FOCUS: 30 Years of Fruitful Collaboration: NY Wine & Grape Foundation and Cornell

  • Tim Martinson "CALS Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach"
  • Thomas Burr "​CALS Award for Outstanding Service to the CALS Community"

UPCOMING EVENTS: B.E.V. NY Business. Enology. Viticulture.

Featured Video: It's All About the Genes: Wine Flavor