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Radio Vino: Join Us at the PressPad

By Chris Gerling

Hans Walter-Peterson and Chris Gerling
Hans Walter-Peterson and Chris Gerling in the PressPad recording studio.

The Presspad (no longer available online) is a podcast created by Hans Walter-Peterson of the Finger Lakes Grape Program and Chris Gerling of the Cornell Extension Enology Lab.  The areas of viticulture and enology necessarily focus on different topics- vine nutrition vs. yeast nutrition, for example- but these topics are often related, sometimes in ways we're just discovering.  This podcast is a discussion about issues we think are important to both grape growers and winemakers.  We're also trying to find the places where academia and industry are most closely aligned.  The Presspad tries to connect grape growing to winemaking and also research to practice. 

Presspad guests to date have included Debbie Inglis of Brock University, Eric Stafne (Mississippi State) and Ed Hellman (Texas A&M) of the eViticulture project, Michael Jones from Scott Labs and regional viticulture specialists across New York State.  The intent with the podcast format is to allow people to listen while they drive a tractor or run a filter instead of having to choose between "working" and "reading."  The podcast discussions are more about ways of thinking than facts and figures, so no one need keep a pencil and paper handy while listening.  We hope that wherever you are or whatever else you're doing, you'll be able to join us.  Ideas for topics, guests or anything else are always welcome.

What is a podcast, anyway?

Chris Gerling is statewide enology extension associate in the department of food science at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.