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Cornell and University of Minnesota Organize Planning Workshops for Cold-Climate Grapes


Cornell research and extension scientists have joined scientists from Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, and Connecticut to hold two cold-climate grapes planning workshops in Vermont (November 12) and Minnesota (February 10) with representatives of 14 state winery and grower associations in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Cold-climate wine grape varieties released by the University of Minnesota and private breeders have created a new and rapidly expanding small winery industry, spawning 250 new wineries and an estimated 3,000 acres of grapes in areas previously considered too cold to support grape production. The goal of these workshops is to map out a research agenda focused on cold-climate wine grape varieties.  The project is supported through planning grants from the USDA's Specialty Crops Research Initiative and Northeast Regional Association of Experiment Station Directors.  Project leaders are Tim Martinson, senior extension associate at Cornell University and Jim Luby, horticulture professor at the University of Minnesota.