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Issue 48, May 20, 2022

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News from Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program, May 20, 2022


Grapevines from New York Nurseries Meet New York Certification Standards

After a hiatus of 40 years, the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets has revived its Grapevine Certification Program. New York certified, virus-tested vines are now available from three New York nurseries.


Understanding berry injury as a risk factor for sour rot and evaluating sustainable management options (pdf)

Entomology grad student Rekha Bhandari and Greg Loeb's lab looked at the role of berry injury in sour rot development and evaluated a reduced insecticide treatment regime for managing sour rot.


Five Questions for Tim Martinson

Tim Martinson, senior extension associate emeritus (retired) who led the Statewide Viticulture Extension Program at Cornell AgriTech answers five questions posed by Chris Gerling, senior enology extension associate.

Downy mildew on clustersGRAPES 101

Digging into the Data: Biopesticides for Grape Disease Control

Grape pathologist Dr. Katie Gold summarizes nine years of biopesticide disease management trials at Cornell AgriTech.



Variable Rate Mechanical Fruit Thinning For Vine Balance in Concord Vineyards (Video, 8 min)
This video shows how researcher Terry Bates' team linked a GIS-based prescription map to a grape harvester to achieve variable-rate fruit thinning in Concord grapes.  The map-based inputs were used to control the bow-rod oscillation speed to remove 10, 25, or 40% of the crop to achieve balanced cropping on variable-sized vines.