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A blue grape selection for grape juice with high levels of powdery mildew and downy mildew resistance.

Cornell University VitisGen2 Project Introduces New Grape Selections

Feb 10, 2021

The VitisGen and VitisGen2 projects represent major investments in understanding grapevine genetics – and particularly in identifying markers associated with desirable traits for use in ‘marker-assisted selection’.   DNA markers identified by geneticists and breeders are now incorporated into several selections and mapping populations by grape breeding programs in California, Minnesota, New York, and Missouri.

Bruce Reisch

Podcast Featuring Bruce Reisch Made Top 5 Downloads on Sustainable Winegrowing with Vineyard Team in 2020

Jan 5, 2021

Professor Bruce ReischVitisGen2 Project Director and Breeding and Local Phenotyping Team Lead, was interviewed in 2020 for Episode 87 of the Sustainable Winegrowing with Vinyard Team podcast.  His episode on Developing New Winegrape Varieties made their list of top 5 downloaded podcasts in 2020. Congratulations, Professor Reisch!

To listen to the podcast, visit Sustainable Winegrowing with Vineyard Team episode 87: Developing New Winegrape Varieties.

Blackbird phenoytyping machine.

Improving Grapevine Breeding Through Robotic Innovations

Dec 9, 2020

Our VitisGen2 team is innovating grape breeding for disease resistance through the use of phenotyping robots that can analyze a whopping 15,000 samples a day. This innovative research is helping researchers identify resistant genes for new cultivars, which will in turn help growers use less chemicals.

Amaya Atucha

Announcing the Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum – a Webinar Series from Penn State and Cornell for Eastern Growers and Winemakers

Nov 18, 2020

Cornell and Penn State Extension have teamed up to create the Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum – a monthly webinar series that will bring you the latest in research results in viticulture and enology, with a focus on concepts that underlie the practical aspects of growing grapes and making wine. Webinars occurred once per month in November 2020, December 2020, and January 2021, and  will happen twice per month in February, March, and April 2021. Webinars will start at 3 PM EST and will run about an hour-long each. Schedule – Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum Final

Wine glasses

EnoCert courses offer wine-industry training

Jul 23, 2015

Two upcoming EnoCert courses for winery employees will be offered Aug. 4 (EnoCert 203 Winery Sanitation and Safety) and Aug. 5 (EnoCert 202 Tasting Room Sales Strategies).


New hybrid grapes help wine industry expand to cold regions

Jun 10, 2015

Cornell and the University of Minnesota have developed hybrid grapes that withstand brutal winters and disease — and provide the quality and consistency needed to produce fine wine in places like Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio.

pouring wine

Drawing upon the senses leads to good wine memories

Apr 8, 2015

Thinking in pictures and shapes – rather than mere words – will lead to improved consumer sensory memories about wine, said Kathryn LaTour at the inaugural Women of the Vine symposium, held in March at Napa, California.

2 wine glasses

New student winery transforms enology instruction

Apr 2, 2015

Cornell’s recently expanded student winery is preparing students for the future of the wine industry. Viticulture and enology students use the facility to explore regional winemaking challenges.

Bruce Reisch

The Scientist: Prof. Bruce Reisch Develops New Grape Varieties

Jan 21, 2015

Beginning with the School of Hotel Administration’s wine course as an undergraduate at Cornell, Prof. Bruce Reisch ’76, horticulture, has become an expert in wine variety development and plant breeding, having introduced 13 new grape varieties — both wine and table grapes — to the viticulture industry.

Wine glass

Service is key to sales at wineries

Mar 6, 2014

Two studies in the current issue of the International Journal of Wine Business Research point to service in winery tasting rooms being the most important factor in boosting wine sales at wineries.

wine glass

Economists explore 'loca-pouring' of wines

Oct 10, 2013

The décor and menu are the most useful predictors of whether restaurants across the state will offer New York wines, according to new Dyson School research.

water sensor

New micro water sensor can aid growers

Oct 10, 2013

Grape growers, food processors and even concrete makers all benefit from water sensors for accurate moisture readings. Cornell researchers have developed a fingertip-sized sensor that is a hundred times more sensitive than current devices, and they hope to produce it for as little as $5 each.