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Drawing upon the senses leads to good wine memories

Apr 8, 2015
Thinking in pictures and shapes – rather than mere words – will lead to improved consumer sensory memories about wine, said Kathryn LaTour at the inaugural Women of the Vine symposium, held in March at Napa, California. Read more

The Scientist: Prof. Bruce Reisch Develops New Grape Varieties

Bruce Reisch
Jan 21, 2015
Beginning with the School of Hotel Administration’s wine course as an undergraduate at Cornell, Prof. Bruce Reisch ’76, horticulture, has become an expert in wine variety development and plant breeding, having introduced 13 new grape varieties — both wine and table grapes — to the viticulture industry. Read more

Service is key to sales at wineries

Wine glass
Mar 6, 2014
Two studies in the current issue of the International Journal of Wine Business Research point to service in winery tasting rooms being the most important factor in boosting wine sales at wineries. Read more

New micro water sensor can aid growers

water sensor
Oct 10, 2013
Grape growers, food processors and even concrete makers all benefit from water sensors for accurate moisture readings. Cornell researchers have developed a fingertip-sized sensor that is a hundred times more sensitive than current devices, and they hope to produce it for as little as $5 each. Read more