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Sample Submission Instructions

Sample Submission Instructions

  1. Complete one online order form for each type of test you are requesting.  Multiple samples for the same analyses do not require a different form.
  2. Provide a 750mL sample to allow for duplicate analyses and additional tests, if necessary.  If only a single analysis is requested, a 375mL sample is generally adequate.
  3. Label all samples with the winery name and some identifying information, especially when submitting multiple samples.
  4. Wine samples must be submitted in completely full containers.
  5. Freeze juice samples and ship by next day air. Indicate that the sample is frozen on the outside of the shipping container. 
  6. For distillate/ kombucha samples where alcohol content is the only requested analysis, 100 ml is sufficient.  Please make sure the sample is in a full, sealed container (spirits) or is chilled and can hold pressure (kombucha).

*Please note that the WAL has moved while the Food Research Lab is Renovated!  We are still on the NYSAES campus, but located in the Surge Lab.  The new mailing address is below, or click on the Google Map link for directions.*


Mail or hand-deliver your sample(s) to the following address:

NYS Wine Lab Attn: Pam Raes
NYSAES-110 Surge Laboratory
630 W. North Street
​Geneva, NY 14456 USA

Google Map Location

Questions? Contact us at 315-787-2263 or