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Sample Submission Form

Lab Analysis Form

Note: The lab (and all of Cornell AgriTech) will be closed November 26 & 27, 2020.  No samples can be accepted, whether they are shipped or dropped off.

Prices for testing can be found on the individual product links on the left. Please don't send payment with samples; you will be billed following analysis.  If you are a New York Winery OR Cidery, your bill will come from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.  Results will be sent through whichever contact information is provided on the form (e-mail is preferred).

Fields marked with an * are mandatory

For those submitting samples, this is a way for you to differentiate between multiple submissions.
How many samples are you submitting for this analysis? For different tests, please submit a separate form.
If you're not sure which test you need, please briefly describe why you're seeking lab analysis. For information about export analysis please contact the lab at