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Hops Analysis

Hops Analyses- Hops analysis services are offered August 1- October 31

Fresh hops – Pre Harvest

Alpha and Beta Acids, Dry matter - $30

  • Alpha and beta acids are indicative of harvest maturity and characteristic of hop cultivar.
  • Hop moisture (commonly reported as percent dry matter) is an important value for harvest determination.
  • Includes: 10% moisture adjusted alpha acid (%), beta acid (%) and dry matter (%).

Moisture - $15

  • Harvesting when hops are at their ideal harvest moisture content (~ 80%) maximizes hop quality.

Note: At this time, total oils will not be available for fresh samples; samples that are dried/ pelleted can be analyzed for total oils.

Sampling instructions for fresh hops:

  • Minimum 1 ounce (~ 30 grams)
  • Representative sample (not the “best” or “worst” looking)
  • Sealed bag (zip top closure)
  • Next day deliver before 1 pm
  • Cold packed

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Dried hops – Brewing Quality

Alpha and Beta Acids, Hops Storage Index, Moisture - $30

  • Alpha and beta acids contribute bitterness to beer.
  • The hops storage index (HSI) is used to estimate alpha and beta acid loss due to storage and handling.
  • Includes: 10% moisture adjusted alpha acid (%), beta acid (%), hops storage index (HSI), and moisture (%).

Moisture - $15

  • Hops should be kiln dried <10 % moisture for optimum quality upon storage and processing.

Total Oils - $30

  • Hop oils contribute aroma to beer, and oil content can be a quality indicator of hops samples.
  • Includes: 10% moisture adjusted total oil content (mL/100 g hops) and moisture (%)

Essential Oil Composition- $70

  • Compositional analysis of 7 aroma compounds in hops including beta-pinene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, farnesene, humulene, and geraniol.

Sampling instructions for dried hops:

  • Minimum 2 ounces (~ 60 grams)
  • Representative sample (in “to be sold” condition)
  • Sealed bag (zip top closure or vacuum sealed foil barrier package)

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