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Distillate and Kombucha Analyses

Alcohol: Ethanol

  • Purpose: The amount of ethanol in distilled spirits must be disclosed on the label.
  • Technique: Gas Chromatography-Flame Ion Detection (GC-FID)
  • Analysis notes: While very accurate, this method is NOT currently accepted for distillate analysis by the TTB.
  • Price- NY*: $30; Price- non NY: $45
  • Technique: Distillation/ Density
  • Analysis notes: The official method as required by TTB.
  • Price- NY*: $40; Price- non NY: $60

 Alcohol: Methanol (distillates)

  • Purpose: Methanol is an unwanted, poisonous byproduct produced in small amounts during fermentation of grains and some fruits. 
  • Technique: Gas Chromatography-Flame Ion Detection (GC-FID)
  • Price- NY*: $30; Price- non NY: $45

 Sensory Appraisal (distillates)

  • Purpose: Products will be assessed by a panel of three trained enologists to make preliminary judgments about sensory flaws. 
  • Technique:Sensory evaluation by trained panel
  •  Analysis notes: Definitive flaws analysis often requires further testing.
  • Price- NY*: No charge; Price- non NY: $60

Acetic Acid (kombucha)

  • Purpose: Acetic acid is the most abundant volatile acid.
  •  Technique: HPLC 
    • Price- NY*: $35; Non NY: $60

Sugars: Residual Sugar (kombucha)

  • Purpose: Quantification of the fermentable sugar (glucose and fructose).
  • Technique: HPLC
  • Analysis Notes: Reported as a percentage, this analysis gives an indication of sweetness level. Yeast can metabolize both glucose and fructose.
  • Price- NY*: $35; Non NY: $60

* Analyses are offered at a discount to all New York bonded wineries, home winemakers, and craft distilleries because a portion of testing costs (approximately 33%) are subsidized by the New York Wine and Grape Foundation (NYWGF). We are unable to offer this discount to wine distributors or out-of-state wineries because of the nature of NYWGF funding.