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Seasonal Bud Low Temperature Exotherms

With funding from the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, we are posting bud cold-hardiness information for four representative varieties in New York, measured at commercial and Cornell vineyards in the Lake Erie, Finger Lakes, and Hudson Valley regions.

  • We have chosen Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cayuga White, and Concord as representative varieties exhibiting a broad range of bud hardiness under NY conditions.
  • Vineyards will be sampled every two weeks from December 1 through March. Buds are subjected to differential thermal analysis (DTA), with approximately 30 buds total from the first 8 nodes of at least 5 canes per variety at each sampling date.
  • Most recent LT50 (Median Bud Freezing Temperature) values for each region are listed in separate tables.
  • Clicking on a variety name will bring up individual graphs of minimum/maximum temperatures and seasonal change in bud freezing temperatures.
  • Seasonal Bud Mortality for each variety/site can also be found on the graphs.

2016-2017 Low Temperature Exotherm Data