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Internship Learning Contract

Students must complete at least one internship before degree completion.  A learning contract between the student, internship supervisor, and the student’s advisor must also be completed prior to beginning the internship.  For more information, visit our internships page.

1 Start 2 Complete
Business or Organization
Supervisor Full Name
Address of the Internship including City and State.
Internship supervisor phone number
Internship supervisor email
Name of the student intern
Mailing address of the student intern
Student intern phone number
Student intern email address
Full name of the faculty internship supervisor
Phone number of the faculty internship supervisor
Email address of the Faculty Internship Supervisor
The number of credits the Faculty Internship Supervisor is requesting

The following pages contain questions you will need to answer before starting your internship. Many of these you will answer together with your internship host and faculty supervisor, so schedule a meeting as early in the planning process as possible. Your draft proposal may be approved as submitted, or you may be asked to make revisions and resubmit. Once all signatures are obtained, please submit the form to Brynn Wilkins at

Internships can be conducted any time of year, but should fall within Cornell’s general policy of one credit hour for each 45 hours of off-campus work. This means that you can conduct ‘intensive’ internship work outside of the semester (e.g., during breaks), or a few hours each week while enrolled in classes. Your faculty supervisor will work with you to choose the number of credits appropriate for your project. You can take up to three credits of internship work at one time, with a maximum of six total credits earned for internships while at Cornell.

Explain what your role and responsibility will be during your internship.
What kind of orientation, instruction, assistance, weekly meetings, consultation, mentorship, etc. will you receive and from whom?
Describe how your internship will enable you to meet your learning objectives.
List the way(s) you and your faculty supervisor have agreed you will document your learning experience (check all that apply) as part of receiving credit.

The student intern agrees to: 1. Perform to the best of his or her ability and to the satisfaction of the internship supervisor all assigned tasks. 2. Adhere to all personnel rules, regulations, and other standard requirements of the host business/organization, including regular and punctual reporting to the internship site (to be agreed upon with your host and faculty sponsor).

Student intern’s signature: ________________________________

Date: ______/______/______

The internship supervisor agrees to: 1. Work directly with the student and make arrangements with the student concerning the expectations, hours, duties, and overall goals described in this contract. 2. Provide a good learning environment for the student, with a broad range of experiences. 3. Communicate periodically with the student about his or her performance, keeping a record of the student’s hours and performance on the job. 4. Complete an evaluation of the student’s performance to be sent by the Viticulture and Enology major coordinator. The evaluation will be sent to the coordinator at the completion of the internship. 5. Complete these tasks during the period beginning ______/______/______ and ending ______/______/______.

Internship supervisor’s signature: ___________________________

Date: ______/______/_____

Viticulture and Enology faculty supervisor agrees to: 1. Advise and support 2. Upon request from the student, internship supervisor, or major coordinator, help to resolve any difficulties that may arise.

Faculty supervisor’s signature: _______________________________

Date: ______/______/______