Welcome The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell is home to one of the top viticulture and enology programs in the world, and internationally recognized for its expertise in breeding table, juice and wine grapes adapted to cool-climate growing regions. From developing innovative trellis systems, to breeding new varieties, to managing pests and nutrients, to siting vineyards and maximizing ‘terroir’, to perfecting the art and science of wine making, Cornell’s teaching, research, and extension in viticulture and enology offer unsurpassed opportunities for grape growers and wine makers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

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Gavin Lavi Sacks
Associate Professor

Gavin Lavi Sacks

My research and teaching interests are centered on defining the enological and viticultural parameters that shape wine flavor from vine to bottle. I am also actively involved in the development of the new undergraduate major in Enology and Viticulture (VIEN) at Cornell.... Read Gavin Lavi Sacks's full profile

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